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CEDI System

These types of plants are used to de-ionize water electrically without very low running cost. This technology is not resin based, it is electrical Module based technology in which pre-treated R.O water is passed and all negative and positive ions are separated from water. It takes input water and after that its out come results are two, 1st is Ultra pure water and 2nd is waste water or concentrate water. CEDI system produce Ultra Pure water of less than 1 conductivity like 0.01 μS/cm, that is Ultra refine water and Type -1 water under international standards. it is used in Pharmaceuticals where inject able are produced, and in Forensic tests, like DNA, HPLC machines ,Liquid Chromatography etc and in very critical compounds and in making of re-Agents. This water is free from every type contaminations and ionical contamination of water. De-ionizers are normally used in Forensic Labs, Pharmaceutical companies, Laboratories, Chemical making companies etc.

Stages of Plant:

De-Ionizer plant produces ultra pure water which is purify by following stages one by one:
1- Pre-Filtration by sand
2- Reverse Osmosis treatment
3- Electric (CEDI) Module

cedi system

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