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Communit Water Purification Plants

These type of water Plants are used to purify water for the Drinking purpose, on a huge level to Entertain maximum people of Community of the area where plant is Erected. That kind of plants are Designed on the Feed water properties, by which this thing is considered in mind that TDS should be Moderate and mineral Level should be Normal in the Product / output water.
In These systems Mineral Dosing System after Reverse Osmosis purification is not used due to Its Expensive Running cost of Minerals. Normally in these systems UFM (Ultra Filtration membrane) is Been used to Moderate the TDS / Minerals in water.
And sometimes if bored water is found very Hygienic than only Filtration Plant is used to Process water for drinking purpose.
1) Pre-Filtration With Sand
2) Pre-Filtration With Sand
3) Pre-Filtration with Crtrage Filters
4) Reverse Osmosis Purification
5) UFM Blending into Pure water

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