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FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions) Regarding Reverse Osmosis Plant & Drinking water

Q 1- What is Reverse Osmosis (R.O) ?

Ans- Osmosis relates to a process by which we Mix something into a thing or Liquid. And Reverse Osmosis is a process by which something is extract from a Mixture or a Liquid solution.

Q 2-What is Reverse Osmosis water Purification Plant?

Ans- Reverse Osmosis Plant is a water purification device which purify water from

(a) Physical /Visible Impurities

(b) Biological Impurities (Invisible)

(c) Chemical Impurities (Invisible)

At the end we get Excellent Drinking water according to international standards. It is a Membrane Based Technology, in which Semi permeable Membrane is used to Purify water from all Types of harm full Impurities. Semi Permeable means that “Grant Permission to some and don’t Grant Permission to some”
In Short Semi permeable Membrane Allows some Use full Minerals to Pass from it and don’t allow harmful elements to Pass from it.

Q 3-What is Physical/Visible Impurity?

Ans- Physical/Visible Impurity in water is something which we can see in a Transparent Glass of water like Rust, Dust, white particles etc , the Micron rating of these particles is >1 & <20 Micron.

*Micron/Micro Meter = 1 Millionth of a Meter

Q 4-What is Biological Impurity?

Ans- Biological Impurity includes all live impurity like Bacteria, Viruses. In short all Bacterial and viral impurity are related to Biological Impurity.

In size smallest Bacteria is of 0.02 Micron

In Size smallest Virus is of 0.002 Micron

Q5- What is Chemical Impurity?

Ans- Chemical impurity relates to molecular sized agents or chemicals which are injurious for humans in Drinking water. There are chemicals which should not be there in Drinking water like Arsenic, Bi Carbonates, Iron, Nitrates, Nitrites, Copper, Barium, Sulfites etc

In Size This Molecular contaminants are more or less bigger than 0.0001 Micron.

Q6- What is water Filtration?

Ans- water Filtration is a process by which water is filtrate up to 1 Micron level. It means Physical Impurity can b removed by water Filtration.

Q7- What is Difference between R.O Plant And Normal water Filter?

Ans- water Filter can Filtrate Maximum up to 1 Micron Level, where R.O Plant can filtrate water up to 0.0001 Micron Level.

It Means no Biological Nor Chemical impurity can pass from that clearance.

Q8- What are the Properties of R.O Plant (For Drinking water)?

Ans- An R.O Plant has 5 Stages by which it Purify water step by step. It contains 3 stages of Pre Filtration , which prepare water to get Filtrate from Semi Permeable R.O Membrane, which clarify water up to 0.0001 Micron rating and Makes it as Pure as per the Excellent water Standard of International Standards of Drinking water.

Semi Permeable Membrane gets input water from 1 side and give 2 output of water ,(1) Purified water (2) Rejected/ waste water. After that Purified water passes from Polishing stage which neutralizes the taste and Odor of water.

Q9- What is TDS ?

Ans- TDS stands for “Total Dissolved Solids” this term is used to measure the overall Chemical Existence in water. Unit of TDS is ppm which shows Chemical Property in mg/ltr

Q10- How Much TDS is Suitable for Drinking according to International Standards?

Ans- According to the International Standards of WHO

less than 50 TDS water is Considered as Excellent water for Drinking

Less Than 100 TDS water is Considered Very Good water For Drinking

Less than 150 TDS water is Considered Good water &

Less Than 200 TDS water is Considered Normal water for Drinking.

Q11- Why Should we drink Low TDS water of approx 50 TDS, & What is The Function of water in our Body?

Ans- First of All we should have to Look the Function of water in our Body. water is defined as Elixir of Life, it is the most abundant Liquid on Earth. Which is very essential for the Human Body. Basically water is the only Medium of Transportation and transaction of Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Enzymes, Carbohydrates from esophagus (Food Line from Mouth to Stomach) and Stomach to every every single cell of body. And transportation of waste material and Liquids, even from Cells of body to end process lines. So in all that process if the water will be soft and pure / with low TDS, than it could dissolve more of all nutrition from stomach and lift it down into Kidneys and than, from there all Nutrition is injected into Blood and it transport this all to all parts of body, tissues & cells.

But if the water is already been hard and full of chemical Impurity than it could dissolve and lift a very few quantity of Nutrition and transport it to Blood and cells, so remaining nutrition will be expire and will all go into waste.

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