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Domestic R.O Plants

These R.O plants are used to full fill the Drinking and Kitchen needs of homes and offices. These plants produce 50 Gallons per day minimum and 600 gallons per day maximum, according to different capacity level of Plant’s models. 50-70 Gallons per day Making R.O plants are fit for home needs of water where less than 10 Family members exist.
And in offices capacity can be increased according to office workers. It could be 200 Gallons per day or may be up to 400 Gallons per day.
water Quality of these Plants is Excellent according to international Standards of WHO. And purified water of these plants is much more purified than any well Known Branded Mineral water, selling in Pakistan.
Per Litter Cost of water extracted from these Devices is as lower than 21 Paisa. Which is very nominal if we compare it with any Branded Mineral water cost per litter, in market it starts from 5 Rupee per litter and goes to 7.5 Rupee per litter. Stages of Plant:
1- Pre- Filtration 5 Micron (Cartridge Filter PPF)
2- Pre- Filtration 5 Micron (Cartridge Carbon Filter GAC)
3- Pre-Filtration 1Micron (Cartridge Filter PPY)
4- Reverse Osmosis Purification
5- Post Carbon Filtration for Polishing

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